What is your travel style?

The truth is – like most people – you probably have a variety of travel styles – with different styles to fit different situations – each as unique as you.

To help you develop and plan your next trip, here are just a few questions for you to consider:

What is the focus of your next trip?

Are you saving up for this one, big trip this year? Or do you want to take several shorter trips?

Are you more comfortable with all your arrangements (and budget) set before you leave or are you willing to have minimal plans and wing it when you arrive?

Are you on a tight budget or are you splurging on a special trip?

Your options and choices are endless…

To get started, here are three ways we can help you to plan and arrange your next travel adventure:

Customized Travel

Perhaps you want to discover nature’s wonders in Patagonia or Africa, or experience food and wine at the source in France or Chile, or simply just relax on a sandy beach, just steps away from your own private villa. When you aren’t sure where to start, or how to plan or arrange your travel dreams, our custom travel services are designed for you.

Tours & Packages

Some people consider tours and vacation packages overly regimented or lacking in adventure or sophistication. In fact, they encompass a tremendous spectrum of tastes, interests and travel styles. From multi-country tours, to focused discoveries of fascinating regions, to adventures combining cruising and land touring – this style may be just what you are looking for.


Cruising and other waterway travel is an exceptional travel value that combines the comforts and delights you crave with unparalleled opportunities for expanding your horizons. Every day, more and more travelers are discovering the pleasures of a waterway vacation.

Need help sorting through your options for your next great vacation adventure? Contact us today to jump–start your planning.